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Healthy Waters Don’t Cry Like This

Ramón loves his wife... even though she stepped outside the boundaries of holy matrimony to venture into previously charted waters. Uncharted emotional ties to her husband were an afterthought as Ramón’s wife engaged in guilty pleasures.

The wise counsel of an individual with angelic purpose posed as a renegade strategically positioned to clear the way for a God-ordained journey that celebrates love beyond understanding.

Angelic wisdom is not taken lightly; it is viewed as a gift wrapped in historical imagery joined into the current circumstance wrapped around presents like a bow. Finding the path that brings forth the desired outcome causes pain at times. The path may be a predestined corridor laced with life changing events with a purposeful outcome that is beneficial. Determination to break the family curse was bigger than the possibility of “more of the same.”  
Published by St. Paul Press
ISBN: 978-0983265191
Price: $11.99
Available on, soon to be available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle, and wherever fine books and e-books are sold.


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