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Every Story Has Two Sides

Every Story Has Two Sides is a coming of age series of short stories.  It illustrates lessons that take place in the life of many characters that touch on, or are part of, the life of Dallas Davis.  The short stories intertwine the complex parent-child, boyfriend-girlfriend and sinner-convert relationships as the reader witness the young adult coming of age experience.  Intended to provide lessons for both young adults and parents, Every Story Has Two Sides gives a unique perceptive that affords an opportunity for all to think outside of the box.  Poetic fluency coupled with scriptural references enhances the outside of the box experience where a different perspective of life’s situations is exposed to the reader. The book welcomes multigenerational discussions to take place at the table in which God is the conversational centerpiece.

Every Story has Two Sides
Targeted for youth and young adults
Page count: 100
Retail price: $10.99
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